Checkjelinkje Developers

Checkjelinkje Developers

Welcome to the public Checkjelinkje developer site. Here you’ll find everything you need to get started with integrating Checkjelinkje into your own systems/apps.

Let’s start with the fineprint. When using our services you’ll need to adhere to the guidelines we specify. You’ll also need to accept our API license and make sure you process your users’ data in accordance with the GDPR and your own privacy policy.

When you start making calls to our API’s..

Light API

We’re currently offering one API for public use: the Checkjelinkje Light API. Its features are limited in comparison with our regular check, but still very useful in a lot of cases. Because features are limited, we offer it for free.

When can I use the Light API?
When you use it for a non-commercial project and keep the amount of requests reasonable.

Which limits does the Light API have?

  • The Light API does not actually visit the URL that’s being checked, and will therefore not notice any redirects. You could perform the redirect check yourself and then check the final URL with the Light API.
  • There’s no uptime guarantee.

Commercial API

When you want to use the Checkjelinkje API for a commercial product you’ll need to purchase our paid Checkjelinkje API product. Please contact us at custserve[at] to discuss the possibilities.

Also, feel free to experiment with the Light API to get a sense of how our product works.